21st January 2021 - Status of Tide Time & Beached Ship's at Alang
Tide Time High Tide 08.04 Meter
08.34 Meter
10:05 AM
11:26 PM
No. of Ship January-2021 Current Financial Year From 1983 to Till Date
Low Tide 04.32 Meter
03.20 Meter
04:41 AM
04:59 PM
21 160 8230
News & Rates
Alang News : (01) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Trans Ocean" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Geneve, IMO No. : 9039755, Ship Built : 1992-Netherlands) Beached At Alang 05-January-2020 AM Tide. (02) Fishing Ship "M.V. Yantar-I" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Oryong No.505, IMO No. : 7234193, Ship Built : 1972-Japan) Beached At Alang 02-January-2021 AM Tide. (03) Dead Supply Tug "D.V. Viking" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Bourbon Viking, IMO No. : 9260287, Ship Built : 2002-Norway) & Supply Tug "M.V. Uiysee" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Uiysee, IMO No. : 9175652, Ship Built : 1998-France) Beached At Alang 01-January-2021 PM Tide. (04) Passenger Ship "M.V. Dream" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Ocean Dream, IMO No. : 7915096, Ship Built : 1981-Denmark) Beached At Alang 01-January-2021 AM Tide. ## Alang News December-2020 : (01) Supply Tug "M.V. Hugh" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. J Hugh Roff Jr, IMO No. : 9302516, Ship Built : 2004-Poland) & Dead Supply Tug "D.V. Halat" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Halat Tide, IMO No. : 9617789, Ship Built : 2011-China) Beached At Alang 31-December-2020 PM Tide. (02) Woodchip Carrier Ship "M.V. Globulus" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Globulus, IMO No. : 9134191, Ship Built : 1995-Japan) & Reserch Ship "M.V. Msg Sagar" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V.Princess, IMO No. : 8501074, Ship Built : 1986-Norway) Beached At Alang 31-December-2020 AM Tide.(03) Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Aegean-II" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T.Crystal Nord, IMO No. : 9016911, Ship Built : 1994-Belgium) Beached At Alang 30-December-2020 AM Tide. (04) Dead Drill Rig Jackup "D.V. Master A" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Ensco-105, IMO No. : 8765163, Ship Built : 2002-USA) Beached At Alang 26-December-2020 AM Tide. (05) Supply Tug "M.V. Jumeria-1" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Marjan-1, IMO No. : 7014646, Ship Built : 1970-Netherland) Beached At Alang 25-December-2020 AM Tide. (06) Reefer Ship "M.V. Smolninskiy" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. CM LNI Schy, IMO No. : 8847131, Ship Built : 1990-Russia) Beached At Alang 22-December-2020 PM Tide. (07) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Narlica" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Torquato, IMO No. : 8916499, Ship Built : 1992-Italy) Beached At Alang 22-December-2020 AM Tide. (08) General Cargo Ship "M.V. Mf Rose" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Abdul Rasman 8, IMO No. : 8028682, Ship Built : 1981-Japan) Beached At Alang 21-December-2020 AM Tide. (09) General Cargo Ship "M.V. Ing-1" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Yuan Xin, IMO No. : 9131230, Ship Built : 1998-Poland) Beached At Alang 20-December-2020 AM Tide.(10) Dead Drill Jackup Ship "D.V. Moon" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Noble Joe Beall, IMO No. : 8752403, Ship Built : 1981-USA) Beached At Alang 19-December-2020 PM Tide. (11) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Morlo" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Normo, IMO No. : 7801740, Ship Built : 1982-Brazil), Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Taihua Spirit" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Bow Aratu, IMO No. : 8029351, Ship Built : 1982-Japan) & General Cargo Ship "M.V. Mako" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Bertina, IMO No. : 8029351, Ship Built : 1982-Japan) Beached At Alang 19-December-2020 AM Tide. (12) Dead FSOV Ship "D.V. Fso Angsi" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Bertina, IMO No. : 8029351, Ship Built : 1982-Japan) Beached At Alang 18-December-2020 PM Tide. (13) Lpg Tanker Ship "M.T. Oyo" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Shoyo Maru, IMO No. : 9016064, Ship Built : 1992-Italy) Beached At Alang 18-December-2020 AM Tide. (14) Roro Passengers Ship "M.V. Angelis" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Evangelistas, IMO No. : 7627962, Ship Built : 1978-Japan) Beached At Alang 16-December-2020 AM Tide. (15) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Asphalt Alliance" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Carbon Tiger, IMO No. : 8864189, Ship Built : 1992-Japan) Beached At Alang 15-December-2020 AM Tide.(16) Dead FPSO Ship "D.V. Eldorado" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Fpso Cidade Do Rio De Janeiro, IMO No. : 8506684, Ship Built : 1986-Japan) Beached At Alang 13-December-2020 PM Tide. (17) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Colors" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. True Colors, IMO No. : 9050400, Ship Built : 1993-South Korea) & Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Sulphur Garland" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Sulphur Spirit, IMO No. : 9209013, Ship Built : 1999-Japan) Beached At Alang 12-December-2020 AM Tide. (18) Supply Tug "M.V. Karadeniz Powership Sadun Boro" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Lewek Trogon, IMO No. : 9374258, Ship Built : 1981-Singapore) Beached At Alang 06-December-2020 AM Tide. (19) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Royal Princess" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Tai Hai, IMO No. : 8853484, Ship Built : 1989-China), General Cargo Ship "M.V. Pac Acrux" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Pac Acrux, IMO No. : 9262974, Ship Built : 2003-China), Supply Tug "M.V. Luiana A" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Luiana, IMO No. : 9239745, Ship Built : 2001-Germany) & Lpg Tanker Ship "M.T. Guru-1" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Gurupi, IMO No. : 8516897, Ship Built : 1987-Germany) Beached At Alang 05-December-2020 AM Tide. (20) Reefer Ship "M.V. Marina Bay" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Hornbay, IMO No. : 8802002, Ship Built : 1990-Croatia) Beached At Alang 03-December-2020 AM Tide.            We Thank You For Our Members Understanding and Support In This Challenging Time !            
Ship News
21-January-2021 Ship Position Status :: Waiting For Beaching Ship : 02 Ship, Expected Ship : 06 Ship, Beached Ship January-2021 : 21 Ships            

Guest Column

Mr.Rameshbhai Doshi (President, A.S.M.A.)
Posted on 01/10/2014

In a little time 32 years Alang-Sosiya Ship Recycling Yard is now established its place all over the world. It is also known for its service and business of Ship Marine & Machinery Parts. In the comparison of other business that are associated with Alang Ship Breaking Yard,the Ship Marine & Machinery needs more rationality and high thinking. In 1983 Mr.Rameshbhai Doshi joined the Alang-Sosiya Ship Recycling Yard with his unique rationality.As a businessman of Marine & Machinery Spares and also an official of Alang ship Machinery association,he presented his thought in the interview with ATG.

He said that before joining the Alang Sosiya Ship and Recycling Yard he was working in Prakash Re-rollers (Steel trading and ship Breaking). Along with the business of ship breaking they started the business of Steel trading in 1983.From 1997 to 2000 he is associated with ship breaking business. In 1994, in Shihor, Prakash Re-rollers started Prakash Steel Re-rolling Mill and Preeti Marine Industry. Mr.Doshi, with the huge experience of various field and different kind business, working as a President of Alang Ship & Machinery Association from April 2013.

 He was elected as a president of Alang Ship & Machinery Association with the consensus of all members.As a chief he always work hard and looking forward to achieve new goals and reaching at high place.He collaborate with Alang Trade Guide.Com ( The first live web portal for Alang Ship Breaking Trade) and take a decision which is beneficial for all the members of Alang Ship & Machinery Association.He also arranged and celebrates Tree Plantation for Green & Clean Alang.

In the talk with ATG about Marine and Machinery Spares Mr.Doshi said that this business spreads its fame all over the world.Many countries are now associated with Alang Marine and Machinery Spares.The foreigner companies insist and put emphasize to come and visit Alang Marine and Machinery Spares for an inspection,in this situation it is most important to provide the perfect and helpful guide line to them for better result and a good business.Thus he praised and greets to Alang Trade Guide for its services of providing useful and professional guide line to the people.

Shri Rameshbhai Mendapara (Vice-President, S.R.I.A.)
Posted on 01/05/2014

The Alang Ship Recycling Yard is established in February 1983 after a long journey The Alang Ship Recycling Yard today world famous for its fast development. The Ship Recycling business is looking very easy business than any other industrial business but it is not an easy business because Ship Recycling business has necessity to huge finance to run smoothly and very has a very talent for running smooth business. Mr. Rameshbhai Mendapara a leading businessman of Building and Real Estate was joined with good ambition & talent in Alang-Sosiya Ship Recycling Industries in 1994. At present Shri Rameshbhai Mendapara is a leading industrialist and well known social worker. He expressed his thought with ATG's visit.  

He expressed his thought with visit of ATG that he was worked in the line of Building-Real Estate business at Bhavnagar-Surat and also worked with Govt. work. During 1994-95 Gujarat Maritime Board had given Advertisement for vacant plot in Ship Recycling Yard. Mr. Mendapara had decided to work in Ship Recycling Yard and he had given an application for one plot. As per his application GMB had allotted him Plot No.111 of Sosiya ship breaking yard. During this time Alang Yard and new development of Sosiya Ship Recycling yard have faced many problems of Local Industrialist.

 During the year 1996 Sosiya Ship Breaker Association is established for the purpose of unity of industrialist and speedy solved the problems of local Trade. At that time Mr. V. D. Sheth had been appointed as a President of the said Association and Mr. Rameshbhai Mendapara was appointed as a Vice president of the said Association. After that Mr. Mendapara's ability for the solving problems of Alang Trade and his talent and knowledge and capability he has been appointing as a Vice President of Ship Recycling Industry Association of India and also taking responsibility as a President of Sosiya Ship Breaker Association. Not only but also he has taking role of Social and Educational field. At present he has been working with educational institution known as a Sardar Patel Institution.

During the talking with him he has given information regarding the Alang ship Recycling Industry is having very important position in the Recycling Industries of the world and Secondary Steel Production of India. Less Accident and speedy Ship Breaking Activity he will be founding a well modern technology in incoming days. He also informs that the other project including project of Labour Colony will be completed speedy in near future. He also expressed his view and thought regarding Alang Trade Guide.com that in this Live Web Portal the people have enjoy the information and positive view of the Alang Trade. He expressed heartily thanks for the Alang's First Live Web Portal.  

Captain Sudhir Chadha (Port Officer Alang)
Posted on 01/02/2014

The Ship Recycling Yard will be completing it's 32 years of working in February-2014. Captain Sudhir Chadha has been appointed as a Port Officer of Alang-Sosiya recycling yard by Gujarat Maritime Board since October-2010.Mr. Sudhir Chadha explains his thoughts with ATG. He is a FGM and joined Gujarat Maritime Board in 1999. After joining he has taken responsibility as a Port Officer and rendered his services at Sikka, Jamnagar, Okha - Navlakhi and Porbandar Port. He informed that compared to all the above ports Alang-Soshiya Ship Breaking Yard is a very sensitive and challenging place to work.  

After his appointment as a Port officer of Alang , Captain Sudhir Chadha has taken keen interest in various activities related to ship recycling. A total of 415 Ships have been recycled during the F.Y. 2011/12, which is the highest ever. During the month of Nov. 2011 a total of 55 ships were beached for recycling which is a World Record in the field of Ship Recycling. In the F.Y.2012/13 a total number of 394 ships were recycled.

 Captain Sudhir Chadha has been given an additional responsibility as a Director of Alang Welfare and Training Center at Alang Sosiya Ship Recycling Yard. He has rendered his services to the institute by bringing in changes to the training imparted to the workers. He has also taken keen interest in welfare activities being conducted by the institute. The welfare activities include running regular medical camps , cultural and sporting activities for the workers and their families. As a part of welfare he initiated the process of placing 108 ambulance exclusively for Alang.

He has expressed satisfaction for the Portal, Alang Trade Guide.com and he also said that Live Web Portal is a good and informative source for people linked or interested in the activities of Alang.He wishes well for ATG. And hopes that in near future it becomes a guiding source for people interested in gaining knowledge about Alang-Sosiya Ship Recycling Yard.