06th October 2022 - Status of Tide Time & Beached Ship's at Alang
Tide Time High Tide 08.20 Meter
09.60 Meter
01:41 AM
02:05 PM
No. of Ship October-2022 Current Financial Year From 1983 to Till Date
Low Tide 02.80 Meter
02.30 Meter
08:06 AM
09:04 PM
00 64 8528
News & Rates
06-October-2022 Ship Position Status : Waiting For Beaching Ship : 01 Ship, Expected Ship : 02 Ship, Beached Ship October-2022 : 00 Ships            Alang Rolling Market Approx. Rates : 12-March-2022 Time 11:15 AM, Melting Scrap Rs.47,000+++ Inchi Plate Rs.53,300+++ 12" Ani(19-22 MM) Rs.53,000+++ 10" Ani(15-18 MM) Rs.52,800+++ 08" Ani(12-14 MM) Rs.52,400+++ 06" Ani(9-11 MM) Rs.51,300+++ 04" Ani(6-8 MM) Rs.51,000++ 5Kg Rs.51,800+++ 2Kg Rs.51,300+++ 1Kg Rs.48,200+++            
Ship News
• September-2022 Alang News : Supply Tug Ship "M.V. Malaviya Ten" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Malaviya Ten, IMO No. : 9202596, Ship Built : 1999-Japan) Beached At Alang 03-September-2022 AM Tide. • June-2022 Alang News : (01) Lpg Tanker Ship "M.T. Lady Margaux" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Sea Sawadee, IMO No. : 9124744, Ship Built : 1995-Japan) Beached At Alang 30-June-2022 PM Tide.(02) Passenger Ship "M.V. Odin" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Black Watch, IMO No. : 7108930, Ship Built : 1972-Finland) Beached At Alang 18-June-2022 PM Tide. (03) Roro/Passenger Ship "M.V. Rich" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Princess, IMO No. : 7347548, Ship Built : 1974-Finland) Beached At Alang 17-June-2022 PM Tide. (04) Supply Tug "M.V. Jarvis" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Venture Sea, IMO No. : 9197301, Ship Built : 1998-USA) Beached At Alang 16-June-2022 PM Tide.(05) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Mtrk Izabela" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Camille, IMO No. : 9298337, Ship Built : 2004-South Korea) & Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Infinity-I" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Infinity Ace, IMO No. : 8960426, Ship Built : 1993-China)Beached At Alang 11-June-2022 PM Tide. (06) Rig Ship "D.V. Bras-VII" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Petrobras-VII, IMO No. : 8754009, Ship Built : 1977-Finland) Beached At Alang 09-June-2022 AM Tide. (07) Ro-Ro/Passenger Ship "M.V. Lomaiviti Princess V" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Queen Of Nanaimo, IMO No. : 6404375, Ship Built : 1964-Canada) Beached At Alang 07-June-2022 PM Tide. (08) Dead Barge Ship "D.V. Warrio R" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Warrio R, IMO No. : 7633167, Ship Built : 1977-Denmark) Beached At Alang 07-June-2022 AM Tide. (09) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Splendour Sapphire" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T.Sk Most, IMO No. : 9149263, Ship Built : 1998-Croatia) Beached At Alang 04-June-2022 PM Tide. (10) Bulk Carrier Ship "D.V. Viator" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Aviator, IMO No. : 9363754, Ship Built : 2007-Japan) Beached At Alang 03-June-2022 PM Tide. (11) Dead Jackup Rig Ship "D.V. Jack-1" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Ensco-7, IMO No. : 8753615, Ship Built : 1976-Singapore) Beached At Alang 02-June-2022 PM Tide. • May-2022 Alang News : (01) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Reo" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Reola Ribka, IMO No. : 8418916, Ship Built : 1985-Japan) Beached At Alang 02-May-2022 PM Tide. (02) Deasd Barge Ship "D.V. SS3" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. SS3, IMO No. : 2561242, Ship Built : 1985-Japan) Beached At Alang 01-May-2022 AM Tide. • April-2022 Alang News : (01) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Rey" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Seaways Reymar, IMO No. : 9275749, Ship Built : 2004-South Korea) Beached At Alang 30-April-2022 PM Tide.(02) Dead Barge Ship "D.V. High Tow" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. DHS-I, IMO No. : 8645466, Ship Built : 1995-Russia) Beached At Alang 30-April-2022 AM Tide.(03) Lpg Carrier Ship "M.T. No.1 Sj Gas" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Grace Coral, IMO No. : 9110066, Ship Built : 1994-Japan) & FPSO Ship "M.T. Roar" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Fpso Umuroa, IMO No. : 8017815, Ship Built : 1981-Japan) Beached At Alang 28-April-2022 PM Tide. (04) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Debo" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Adebomi-3, IMO No. : 9210907, Ship Built : 2002-Denmark) Beached At Alang 28-April-2022 PM Tide. (05) General Cargo Ship "M.V. Sormovskiy" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Sormovskiy-40, IMO No. : 7732016, Ship Built : 1978-Russia) & Ice Breaker Ship "M.V. Kigoriak" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Talagy, IMO No. : 7824261, Ship Built : 1979-Canada) Beached At Alang 22-April-2022 PM Tide.(06) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Song" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Cartola, IMO No. : 9183283, Ship Built : 2000-South Korea) & Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Bow Flower" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Bow Flower, IMO No. : 9183283, Ship Built : 1994-Glasgow) Beached At Alang 21-April-2022 PM Tide. (07) Dead Rig Jackup Platform Ship "D.V. Orca" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Sedco-I, IMO No. : 8755015, Ship Built : 1970-Canada) Beached At Alang 21-April-2022 AM Tide. (08) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Houston" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Gus W.Darnell, IMO No. : 8220761, Ship Built : 1985-USA), Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Ruby" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Seaway Rubymar, IMO No. : 9232618, Ship Built : 2002-South Korea), Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Iria" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Nordic Grace, IMO No. : 9230892, Ship Built : 2002-South Korea) & Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Vs" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Vs Reisa, IMO No. : 9252292, Ship Built : 2003-China) Beached At Alang 19-April-2022 PM Tide. (09) Dead Supply Tug "D.V. Tag-6" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Tag-6, IMO No. : 9641716, Ship Built : 2012-China) Beached At Alang 19-April-2022 AM Tide. (10) Oil/Chemical Tanker "M.T. Oneness" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Fiona, IMO No. : 9170951, Ship Built : 1997-Japan) Beached At Alang 16-April-2022 PM Tide.(11) Reefer Ship "M.V. Rein" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Reina Cristina, IMO No. : 9011301, Ship Built : 1990-Japan) Beached At Alang 14-April-2022 AM Tide. (12) Dead Drill Ship "D.V. Vega" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. West Sirius, IMO No. : 8768402, Ship Built : 2008-Singapore) Beached At Alang 14-April-2022 PM Tide. (13) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Sea World" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Omair, IMO No. : 9309851, Ship Built : 2004-Japan) Beached At Alang 07-April-2022 PM Tide. (14) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Horizon" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Pacific Horizon, IMO No. : 9183312, Ship Built : 1999-Japan) Beached At Alang 05-April-2022 PM Tide. • March-2022 Alang News : (01) Dead Supply Tug "D.V. Greatship Rohini" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Greatship Rohini, IMO No. : 9522532, Ship Built : 2010-Srilanka) Beached At Alang 31-March-2022 PM Tide. (02) Bulk Carrier Ship "M.V. Berge Arctic" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Bw Arctic, IMO No. : 9221906, Ship Built : 2001-South Korea) Beached At Alang 31-March-2022 AM Tide. (03) Dead Supply Tug "D.V. Tag-4" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Tag-4, IMO No. : 9428554, Ship Built : 2009-India), Dead Jackup Rig "D.V. Ad-90" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Penrod-93, IMO No. : 8753859, Ship Built : 1982-Singapore) & Dead Supply Tug "D.V. Mng Capt. James Cook" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Geco Beta, IMO No. : 7909853, Ship Built : 1979-Norway) Beached At Alang 25-March-2022 PM Tide. (04) Work Barge Ship "D.V. Supporter" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Kreuz Supporter, IMO No. : , Ship Built : 2006-China) Beached At Alang 25-March-2022 AM Tide. (05) Dead Pipe Lying Barge Ship "D.V. Roqu" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Quanta Iroquois, IMO No. : 8728287, Ship Built : 1973-USA) Beached At Alang 24-March-2022 AM Tide. (06) Fishing Vessel "M.V. Moskovskaya Olimpiada" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. M Olimpiada, IMO No. : 7832359, Ship Built : 1980-Ukraine) Beached At Alang 23-March-2022 PM Tide. (07) Dead Offshore Support Vessel "D.V. Bras XV" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Petrobrass XV, IMO No. : 8754073, Ship Built : 1983-Japan) Beached At Alang 22-March-2022 PM Tide. (08) Fishing Vessel "M.V. Helsingfors" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. King Bora, IMO No. : 8033297, Ship Built : 1982-Ukraine) Beached At Alang 19-March-2022 AM Tide. (09) Dead Barge Ship "D.V. Nand Aparna" (Ship Ex. Name : D.V. Nand Aparna, IMO No. : 9082087, Ship Built : 1992-India) Beached At Alang 18-March-2022 PM Tide. (10) Bulk Carrier Ship "M.V. Cape Enterprise" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Cape Enterprise, IMO No. : 9241669, Ship Built : 2003-Japan) Beached At Alang 18-March-2022 AM Tide. (11) Live Stock Carrier Ship "M.V. Al Baraka-III" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Feng Tian, IMO No. : 7712963, Ship Built : 1978-Japan), Roro-Passenger Ship "M.V. Mth" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Aqua Mth, IMO No. : 7330040, Ship Built : 1974-France) & Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Sapper" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Sapphire, IMO No. : 9114969, Ship Built : 1997-Italy) Beached At Alang 16-March-2022 AM Tide. (12) Lpg Tanker Ship "M.T. Harriet" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Happy Harrier, IMO No. : 8716514, Ship Built : 1989-South Korea) Beached At Alang 13-March-2022 PM Tide. (13) Dead Supply Tug "D.V. Tag-5" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Tag-5, IMO No. : 378993, Ship Built : 2009-India) Beached At Alang 09-March-2022 PM Tide. (14) Fishing Vessel "M.V. Pavel Panin" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Pabel Paniz, IMO No. : 7703998, Ship Built : 1980-Poland) Beached At Alang 08-March-2022 PM Tide.(15) Lpg Tanker Ship "M.T. Odin" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T.Apoda, IMO No. : 9133094, Ship Built : 1997-South Korea) Beached At Alang 04-March-2022 AM Tide. (16) Dead FSPO Ship "D.V. Vice" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Bw Cidade De Sao Vicente, IMO No. : 7380693, Ship Built : 1976-Japan) Beached At Alang 01-March-2022 PM Tide. (17) Supply Tug "M.V. Sayyaf" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Sayyaf, IMO No. : 9085302, Ship Built : 1994-UK) Beached At Alang 01-March-2022 AM Tide. • February-2022 Alang News : (01) Dead Oil Tanker Ship "D.V. Raja" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Pedreiras, IMO No. : 8421171, Ship Built : 1993-Brazil) Beached At Alang 24-February-2022 AM Tide. (02) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Halcon Trader" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Halcon Trader, IMO No. : 9742053, Ship Built : 2016-Japan) Beached At Alang 21-February-2022 PM Tide. (03) Supply Tug "M.V. Linda-1" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Lady Melinda, IMO No. : 9275713, Ship Built : 2003-Norway) Beached At Alang 18-February-2022 PM Tide. (04) Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Prefect" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Saehan Estrella, IMO No. : 9203332, Ship Built : 1999-Japan) & Production Testing Vessel "M.T. Tiara" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Epv Balai Mutiara, IMO No. : 9228875, Ship Built : 2002-Poland) Beached At Alang 18-February-2022 AM Tide. (05) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Silver" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Seaways Silvermar, IMO No. : 9239630, Ship Built : 2002-South Korea) & Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Express" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Golden Express, IMO No. : 9185891, Ship Built : 1999-Japan) Beached At Alang 17-February-2022 AM Tide. (06) Dead Jackup Rig Ship "D.V. Ad 100" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Ensco-98, IMO No. : 8753574, Ship Built : 1977-USA) Beached At Alang 16-February-2022 PM Tide. (07) Dead Supply Tug "D.V. Brave" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Pfs Brave, IMO No. : 9428580, Ship Built : 2009-India) & Dead Barge Ship "D.V. High One" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Venture, IMO No. : 8638774, Ship Built : 1980-Sweden) Beached At Alang 12-February-2022 AM Tide. (08) Dead Jackup Rig Ship "D.V. Mercury Focus" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Transocean Mercury, IMO No. : 8753433, Ship Built : 1968-UK) Beached At Alang 09-February-2022 PM Tide. (09) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Glier" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Stolt Tern, IMO No. : 8920529, Ship Built : 1991-Denmark) Beached At Alang 08-February-2022 PM Tide. (10) Fishing Vessel "M.V. Dynamic Explorer" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V.Yamato, IMO No. : 7027021, Ship Built : 1970-Japan) & Dead Fishing Vessel "D.V. Haren" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Harengus, IMO No. : 7128851, Ship Built : 1971-Germany) Beached At Alang 06-February-2022 AM Tide. (11) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Prosperity" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Chemstar Ace, IMO No. : 9145308, Ship Built : 1997-Japan) Beached At Alang 04-February-2022 AM Tide. (12) Diving Support Vessel "M.V. Installer" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Kreuz Installer, IMO No. : 8007171, Ship Built : 1981-Germany) Beached At Alang 02-February-2022 AM Tide. • January-2022 Alang News : (01) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Saehan Chemstar" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Southern Tiger, IMO No. : 9058517, Ship Built : 1992-Japan) Beached At Alang 30-January-2022 AM Tide. (02) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Sea Golden" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Liquid Era, IMO No. : 9036313, Ship Built : 1992-Japan) & Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Coral" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Asia Adventurer, IMO No. : 8820119, Ship Built : 1989-Japan) Beached At Alang 25-January-2022 PM Tide. (03) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Yeti" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Yuhua Star, IMO No. : 9157519, Ship Built : 1997-Japan) Beached At Alang 23-January-2022 AM Tide. (04) Dead Supply Tug "D.V. Tag-8" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Al Amin, IMO No. : 9549554, Ship Built : 2009-China) Beached At Alang 21-January-2022 AM Tide. (05) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Glorisilver" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Ievoli Silver, IMO No. : 8916487, Ship Built : 1992-Italy) Beached At Alang 20-January-2022 AM Tide. (06) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Mega" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Umnenga-I, IMO No. : 9173733, Ship Built : 1999-South Korea) & Fishing Ship "M.V. Bratya Stoyanovy" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Bratya Stoyanovy, IMO No. : 8729987, Ship Built : 1989-Russia) Beached At Alang 17-January-2022 AM Tide. (07) Supply Tug "M.V. Nove" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Med Nove, IMO No. : 8318233, Ship Built : 1991-Singapore) Beached At Alang 13-January-2022 AM Tide. (08) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Tiina Too" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Namisa, IMO No. : 9031492, Ship Built : 1992-Japan) Beached At Alang 08-January-2022 AM Tide. (09) Supply Tug "M.V. Energy-2" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Energy Girl, IMO No. : 8407008, Ship Built : 1985-Norway) Beached At Alang 07-January-2022 AM Tide. (10) Roro Cargo Ship "M.V. Dodo" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Rolon Alcudia, IMO No. : 7812957, Ship Built : 1979-Norway) Beached At Alang 05-January-2022 AM Tide. (11) Oil Tanker Ship "M.T. Raju" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Pirajui, IMO No. : 8617079, Ship Built : 1990-Brazil) Beached At Alang 02-January-2022 AM Tide.