17th October 2021 - Status of Tide Time & Beached Ship's at Alang
Tide Time High Tide 09.38 Meter
09.61 Meter
03:30 AM
03:37 PM
No. of Ship October-2021 Current Financial Year From 1983 to Till Date
Low Tide 02.25 Meter
01.59 Meter
10:03 AM
10:31 PM
12 116 8373
News & Rates
Alang Rolling Market Approx. Rates : 14-October-2021 Time 11:15 AM, Melting Scrap 39,200+++ Inchi Plate Rs.45,400+++ 12" Ani(19-22 MM) Rs.45,400+++ 10" Ani(15-18 MM) Rs.45,200+++ 08" Ani(12-14 MM) Rs.44,700+++ 06" Ani(9-11 MM) Rs.43,200+++ 04" Ani(6-8 MM) Rs.42,200++ 5Kg Rs.43,600+++ 2Kg Rs.42,600+++ 1Kg Rs.41,000+++            
Ship News
• October-2021 Alang News : (01) Cargo/Passenger "M.V. Nancowry" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Nancowry, IMO No. : 8606434, Ship Built : 1992-Poland) Beached At Alang 16-October-2021 PM Tide. (02) Roro/Passenger "M.V. Lotus" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Petersburg, IMO No. : 8311883, Ship Built : 1986-Germany) & Chemical Tanker "M.T. Stolt Spruce" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Spruce, IMO No. : 8919037, Ship Built : 1993-Norway) Beached At Alang 13-October-2021 AM Tide. (03) Oil/Chemical Tanker "M.T. Gema" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Hainan Baosha-21, IMO No. : 9171199, Ship Built : 2001-Russia) Beached At Alang 10-October-2021 AM Tide. (04) Research Ship "M.V. Supreme Explorer" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Beaufort Explorer, IMO No. : 8112500, Ship Built : 1983-Norway) Beached At Alang 09-October-2021 PM Tide. (05) Passenger Ship "M.V. Roger" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Rigel-I, IMO No. : 7224459, Ship Built : 1973-Finland) & Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Target" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Maiden Target, IMO No. : 8613554, Ship Built : 1991-Japan) Beached At Alang 09-October-2021 AM Tide. (06) General Cargo Ship "M.V. Saga Tide" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Saga Tide, IMO No. : 8918277, Ship Built : 1991-Japan) Beached At Alang 06-October-2021 PM Tide. (07) Dead Supply Tug "D.V. Inter Service" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Acqua Chiara, IMO No. : 7405912, Ship Built : 1976-Norway) Beached At Alang 06-October-2021 AM Tide. (08) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Laurel" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Tradewind Union, IMO No. : 9175729, Ship Built : 1997-Japan) & Ro-ro/Passenger Ship "M.V. Bluefort" (Ship Ex. Name : M.V. Arv-1, IMO No. : 7816874, Ship Built : 1979-Germany) Beached At Alang 05-October-2021 PM Tide. (09) Oil/Chemical Tanker Ship "M.T. Bon" (Ship Ex. Name : M.T. Bon Atlantico, IMO No. : 9248203, Ship Built : 2001-Japan) Beached At Alang 04-October-2021 PM Tide.            17-October-2021 Ship Position Status : Waiting For Beaching Ship : 04 Ship, Expected Ship : 12 Ship, Beached Ship October-2021 : 11 Ships            

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